About Tuck Lee
An Introduction to Tuck Lee

Tuck Lee’s winning strategy over five decades is made possible though progressive improvements and our credibility. We’ve been trusted by generations of Singaporeans for the delivery of Premium Ice and our unparalleled services.
In present times, we maintain a strong and professional management team who is dedicated to excel in the new economy. This team is able and willing to take on new challenges put forth by clients.
Today, our clients know that our services go beyond ice manufacturing. Tuck Lee is called upon often to help in ice-related brand-enhancement exercises. We are also renowned for our storage and distribution services for temperature-sensitive items.
There have been improvements in our products and services and even a successful brand enhancement program. However, one thing remains constant… our never-ending quest to provide customers the best possible ice-related services in Singapore. Tuck Lee remains to be THE ice company in Singapore and we look forward to the future where we will continue to develop new and better ice-related products and services for you.    

History of Tuck Lee Ice

The History Behind the Tuck Lee Brand

·      Tuck Lee Ice was established in Singapore in 1935 and the name has become synonymous with ice in Singapore.

·      In the early 90s, we expanded our business through the modernization of our manufacturing techniques and built a new business model for the sales and distribution of ice through a fleet of cold trucks. Subsequently, we introduced food grade ice to the Singapore market.

·      We supported this expansion using high-tech ice making machines and new business developments. With our entry into the manufacturing of tube ice, we seized the opportunity to introduce hygienic and food grade ice for the first time to the Singapore market.

·      Tuck Lee Ice is renowned for its highest standards in providing quality, value and freshness. Growing up as part of Singapore’s vital history and flourishing economy, Tuck Lee Ice’s reputation rests on years of consumer trust, reliability and loyalty. We produce over 200 tonnes of ‘Food Grade Ice’ daily with a fleet of over 40 refrigerated trucks providing island-wide delivery so that ice reaches our customers “Factory Fresh”.

·      At Tuck Lee Ice, we manufacture our ice under stringent conditions, tested by the Singapore Republic governing body, the Productivity Standards Board (PSB). The introduction of “Food Grade” ice standards in 1993 made us one of the pioneers in the ASEAN region to be awarded the coveted ISO 9002, HACCP, IQ Net and HALAL certifications. These awards stand testimony to Tuck Lee Ice’s commitment and dedication to ensuring its product’s freshness and consistency while maintaining stringent quality standards. In addition, we have recently achieved the latest ISO22000 certification to ensure food safety to our customers.

·      Today, Tuck Lee has developed into a trusted brand, becoming the leader in the ice distribution market, well known for its quality and reliability.

The Profile of Tuck Lee Ice

Tuck Lee Ice is the leading brand and the dominant ice product supplier in the majority of the markets in which it competes today. In addition, Tuck Lee Ice provides the broadest array of ice product offerings and is a key supplier of private label retailer brands of ice in Singapore. In addition, we provide Ice Sculpting with highly innovative, creative and practical designs for all sorts of events.

Superior Quality

At Tuck Lee Ice, stringent quality controls ensure that our edible ice is 100% safe for human consumption.

Our ice production facilities and techniques are second-to-none. From the making to the packing of ice, strict hygienic conditions are met using state-of-the-art machines. With over 8 decades of ice-making experience behind Tuck Lee Ice, we will continue to strive to improve our products and services to stay ahead and to provide the best quality for our customers.

The only Halal ice supplier in Singapore certified with ISO22000.

ISO 22000:2005 specifies the hygiene standards required for food safety management systems in order to demonstrate the ability to control food safety hazards to ensure that food is safe for human consumption.