Cools Fast. Melts Slow. Crystal Clear
About Krystal Ice

  • Handcrafted Premium Ice Sphere Pre-Packaged for You
  • 6 Crystal Clear Ice Spheres (6cm Diameter)

Artisanally Crafted For You

  • Our beautifully crafted, pure, crystal clear, slow-melt ice is a perfect addition to your favourite beverage.
  • Cut, clarity and consistency. Like diamonds, these gems of the beverage industry can be things of beauty. They might not last forever but they can redefine your drinking experience.
  • An Ice Sphere quickly cools your beverage without watering it down and melts slower than regular ice cubes due to its smaller surface area.
  • Our Ice is made using purified water to ensure the perfect taste.
  • Our craft ice will have your guests saying “WOW”.
  • Each sphere measures 6cm.
  • For best results, remove Krystal Ice sphere from the freezer and keep at room temperature until the frost clears (approx. 3-4 minutes) before pairing with your favourite drink.