Type of Ice
Tube Ice

An all-purpose ice with a hole in the centre use for chilling and consumption. It is commonly used for home use, parties, recreation events, restaurants, clubs and bars. Available in Handy Pack 2.5 kg, Party Pack 5kg and Econ Pack 18kg sealed bag all available for bulk purchases. 

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Baby Ice

Smaller tube ice for chilling your favorite beverages. Bite-size approximately 2.5cm. Great for blending slushie and smoothies. Available in Econ Pack 18kg sealed bag

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Cylinder / Ice Kachang Ice

Cylinder ice blocks use by most dessert stalls all over Singapore. Available in packs of 8 ice blocks (approximately 2kg each), the cylinder block is shaven using an ice kachang machine to make your favourite ice desserts like Chng Teng, Chendol, Ice Jelly Cocktail and of course, Ice Kachang!

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Crushed Ice

A granular type commonly uses for chilling seafood buffets, salad bars and commonly distribute to most wet market, supermarkets, fishery ports and cocktail bars in Singapore. Available in Econ Pack 18kg bag.

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Shaved Ice

Extremely fine shaved ice used mostly by Korean, Japanese dessert stalls and hotels. Available in 18kg and stored in insulated foam box to minimize melting during delivery. 

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Ice Balls

Spherical ice is not used just to impress you but because a sphere exposes less surface area for the same amount of volume than a cube of ice. Thus, if a cube with the same volume as a sphere will actually have a lot less surface area, over 24 percent lesser. The less surface area that is exposed to the warm liquid, the slower the ice will melt. Therefore, a sphere of ice will melt more slowly in a drink than a cube of ice. This way, you can chill the drink without quickly diluting it. Used commonly for whiskey lovers!

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Customised Clear Ice Cubes

Crystal clear ice may not make your cocktail taste any better, but it definitely makes it look more elegant and sophisticated. Similar to Ice Balls, they have slower dilution for your cocktails. One big ball/cube will keep a drink cool for at least 30-40 minutes, with minimal dilution compared to ice cubes of equal volume. Plus, it looks incredible in the glass! Available in various sizes, please enquire for more details.

Dry Ice

Available in pellets and blocks Minimum order quantity of 5kg.

Blocks are generally used for camping and fishing trips or when power (hydro) has been lost (blocks can be used to keep the contents of walk-in freezers and residential chest freezers from thawing).

Dry ice pellets are generally used for hotels, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers, universities & elementary schools, catering companies, and photographers.

Storing Tips: Do not store dry ice in freezer or chiller and only purchase it when you need to use it as dry ice is made of carbon dioxide gas. It will melt and vapourized over time if not stored correctly. Keep dry ice in a insulated box do not seal and avoid opening the box often if you want to keep it longer. Always put on insulated gloves toprotect your hands when handling.

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Ice Blocks

Many high-end cocktail bars and restaurants have started using block ice to form crystal clear ice cubes for use in their cocktail drinks. The ice formed from these enhance the cosmetic appearance of the cocktails while also providing the benefit of melting slower, preventing your drink from diluting as fast. Bartenders are very well trained now to carve their ice ball or ice pieces using a block of ice. Available in 18kg crystal clear or clear. Available in Crystal Clear and Clear Blocks in 18kg, 110kg and 140kg.